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  • TRADITIONAL 5-IN-1 SPRAGUE DESIGNwhichincluded adult, pediatric, and infant attachments, empowering you with the convertibiliy to diagnose all patients
  • CUSTOM FITTED > Accufit headset adjusts to your specifications
  • Diagnose Adult, Pediatric, and Infant patients with one stethoscope

Chestpiece: The handcrafted zinc-alloy dual-head convertible chestpiece is precisely machined for high performance and durability. Full-rotation dual-output acoustic valve stem with green indicator dot allows the user to easily identify the active sound channel. Using the included accessory kit, the adult and pediatric diaphragm assemblies can be removed and replaced with adult, pediatric, and infant bells.

Acoustic Tubing: Constructed of thicker, denser, latex-free extruded PVC, the dual non-stick acoustic tubing provides insulation for superior sound transmission and seals out ambient noise while preventing the cracking and wearing that can occur from repeated use. Dual high-performance acoustic tubes are secured in place by a non-pinching, non-obtrusive chrome-plated brass acoustic tube clasp.

AccuFit Headset: Adjustable headset constructed from chrome-plated brass allows the user to create an individualized fit. Soft silicone ComfortSeal eartips (available in standard and small sizes) are clear for hygienic purposes and conform to the ear to seal out extraneous noise while ensuring comfort during extended use. Patented Safety Lock eartip adaptors lead the industry in user safety.

Types Of Certeza Stethoscope In Pakistan

Different types of Certeza Stethoscopes are available in our online pharmacy store in Pakistan as given below:

  •  Certeza Single Head Stethoscopes,
  • Certeza Stethoscope for children,
  • Certeza double tube / Rappaport head stethoscopes,
  • Certeza dual head Stethoscopes

It is used with all other accessories for modifying and make changes according the need and use. So in addition to this these Stethoscopes are designed for the professionals with the finest material and the modern techniques of manufacturing medical instruments that provide durability and convenience in treatments. Just one click to know all about Certeza Stethoscopes with types and prices in Pakistan at pharmacyplus.pk


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