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Dzire Ribbed & Dotted condoms in Pakistan

Spike Condoms, Dzire Ribbed & Dotted condoms in Pakistan

  • Playfull sensations for extreme pleasure.
  • Delayed condoms for long pleasure
  • Designed for total reliability
  • Delay lubricant (non-spermicidal)
  • Natural Male Latex Condoms
  • Electronically tested
  • Imported
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting effects
  • Durable
  • make your memorable
  • Imported

D-Zire condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability, made from premium quality latex. Each D-Zire condom is electronically tested to provide maximum protection & safety.

D-Zire Condoms are manufactured and tested beyond the requirements of strongest international standards like ISO certified. If used properly, it can reduce the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS and many other sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). Any use of latex condoms other than vaginal intercourse can increase potential damage to the condom.

For maximum protection, please read and follow the instructions written on pack, made to international standard, ribbed & dotted (non-spermicidal), natural latex condom with nominal width of 52mm. visit our online pharmacy in Pakistan for more info.


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