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PediaSure Milk Powder 400g

 The best online baby care products and mom’s care products is complete and balanced nutrition for your little baby. It is a scientifically designed formula with 37 vital nutrients, which provides complete and balanced nutrition for children 2 years and above. PediaSure baby milk is clinically proven for healthy growth and development. It is a trusted brand in more than 80 countries worldwide. This helps to increase height & weight. PediaSure also provides you complete and balanced nutrition and is clinically proven to help increase height and weight for those who consume it regularly. It helps to strengthen natural immunity. It fussy eaters at nutritional risk fed PediaSure as a supplement experienced 45% lesser respiratory infection than those un-supplemented with pediasure. It is also clinically proved to strengthen children’s immunity and supports the brain development. However, pedicure contains omega 3 & 6 taurine and choline that supports brain development at every growth stage of your child Age – 2 to 10 Years


  • It has a complete & Balanced Nutrition Supplement
  • It is scientifically Formulated Health Drink For Children
  • It has 37 Vital Nutrients Including Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, 37 Nutrients
  • It’s 37 Nutrients that provide complete and balanced nutrition to help support height & weight gain, immunity, and brain development of your child
  • It shows visible growth in 90 Days 1
  • It helps to increase height and weight in 90 days when consumed regularly in the right quantity
  • Growth Plus Immunity.
  • It contains Prebiotics & Probiotics, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Vitamin A, C & E. It’s unique mix helps support immunity. A healthy immune system means healthy growth + immunity
  •       It also supports brain development.
  •       It is a new triple protein complex
  •       Has advanced carbohydrate blend
  •       It supports nutrient absorption & development of the mind
  •       It promotes the catch-up growth in 60 Days
  •       It improves the nutritional status in 90 Days






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