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Spot Free Maxi Extra Long Pads 7 + 1 Pcs


Brand: Spot Free


Spot Free Maxi Extra Long Pads

In this age we have to fight for what we deserve because it is a sin to settle for less. So in addition to this when you settle for less, you deprive yourself of the greater avenues you can reach. Spot Free Maxi Extra Long Pads in Pakistan introduces the only sanitary napkins made of high quality seven layers with “ANION” strip technology. Furthermore this revolutionary invention actively kills bacteria leading to overall body health. It has been tested and clinically proven to effectively protect you for 10-12 hours.

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Spot Free Maxi Extra Long Pads 7 + 1 Pcs

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Brand:   Spot Free

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Return Policy: 3 Day Return and Exchange

Country of Manufacture: N/A

Warranty: Not Applicable

Option: 7 + 1 Pcs

Express Shipping: Yes

  • It protect you up to 8 hours.
  • These products are smoothness and comfort.
  • These personal care products kills bacteria leading to overall body health.
  • They are made of high quality seven layers.


Visit: 0300-2935588

Online store: Al-Shifa Pharmacy Shaeed Road Mian Channu



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