Nestle Nido 1+ 1000g

Details of Nestle Nido 1+ 1000g

  • ​It supports your child’s immunity
  • It is clinically proven and helps to strengthen your child’s gut defenses
  • Ha the volume of 1000g

In the period of your child grows, his curious mind wants to explore, touch and feel everything. So in this phase, a mother must need to put things in his mouth. During this time period, it can lead to his tummy getting upset. So in addition to this Nestle Nido 1+1000g helps in protecting your child.

In this baby milk of Nestle Nido, the L Protectus helps in strengthening the digestive system and immuno-nutrients of your child. That also helps in enhancing your child’s immunity. A healthy diet of a baby is an important part of his healthy lifestyle.


  • It has probiotics, prebiotics, and immuno-nutrients.
  • Probiotic L.Protectus in milk is clinically proven.
  • It also strengthens your child’s gut defenses.
  • Immuno-nutrients help and support your child’s immunity.


  • One glass 250ml
  • Put 8 levelled scoops ( 36g) in 225 ml(8oz) of Luke warm
  • Not more than 45 degrees
  • Previously boiled water


Keep it to protect Nestle Nido after opening in an airtight jar and consume within 3 weeks of opening the pack.

Ingredients and allergen information

Nestle Nido pack contains Soya Lecithin. Furthermore, Milk solids, Vegetable Oils, Maltodextrin, Sugar, Lactose, Oligofructose, Inulin, Minerals, Soya Lecithin, Vitamins, Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 (under license of Biogaia), Vanillin Artificial Flavour are also found in this baby milk.

Important Features:

  • Package: Box
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Age: 1-3 years
  • Free sippy cup
  • Has a minimum expiry of 15-20 Days.
  • The delivered stock will have a minimum of 30 days expiry.
  • However, no returns will be accepted for items having a minimum expiry of 30 days.

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