Trust Finest Sanitary Napkins Thicks 10 Wings Long Stick-one


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Trust Finest Sanitary Napkins 

Now trust finest sanitary napkins are also available in different variants. These variants have been specially designed to meet the requirements of every woman during the monthly cyclical period. Now with the growing consumer demand, these variants will be introduced in the near future. These sanitary napkins for the first time in Pakistan, trust finest sanitary napkins of international standard and quality are being locally produced for local and international consumption.

It’s a top Layer and soft covering that ensures dryness. It transfers the fluid below rapidly keeping the cover dry and comfortable. It also works as a guide for the fluid to absorb in the middle and keep it centered preventing side leakages and bunching. The highly absorbent core of top-grade pulp with extra fluff making it thicker for more protection. It also acts as the main reservoir to suck and lock in the fluid due to its extreme channeled compression and “vacuum” properties, spreading the fluid in horizontal directions.

It also keeps the fluid blocked in the pad preventing panty stains and uncomfortable wet feeling. The pressure-sensitive adhesives and central silicone tape for a secure application on the panty. So the pad can be taken out and fixed again a few times without reducing the adhesiveness. Ultra absorbent with extra inner layer & special channeled surface

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Size: 10 Thicks Regular Long Stick-one

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place.

Package: Packet

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