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Mucaine Susp 120 ml





It is used to treat Heart Burn, Flatulence, Peptic Ulcer, Acidity.

Mucaine syrup is used to treat ulcers which are formed inside it prevents it by the combination of oxethazaine, aluminum hydro oxide and magnesium hydro oxide which is a great combination of mucosal, anaesthetic and antacid which effects within few minutes.

It is also used for the severe heartburn and acidity caused by poor digestion with the combination of aluminum hydro oxide and magnesium hydro oxide with this combination the oxethazaine works to prevent the heartburn and acidity.



The product gives instant relief to the acidity, which causes severe heartburn and indigestion. It is usually used with the combination of other medicines depending on one’s medical condition to better cure the disease.

Take this product as long as your health care expert or doctor has instructed you to take, along with it avoid oily and spicy food and consume food rich in fibre so the individual may have a better digestion system.


Heartburn is basically a burning feel in chest, which is caused by indigestion of food which causes the stomach acids to move towards the chest and throat (acid reflux) and causes heartburn. It improves the movement consumed food and helps in the prevention of heartburn.

The product should be taken as it is prescribed by the health experts so that the prevention from the heartburn should be effective, As well as try to figure out which food causes heartburn to try to avoid it.

Ulcers In Stomach:

Ulcers in the stomach are formed by several things in the inner line of the stomach or intestine, which are painful sores and hurts even more and gets damaged by stomach acids.

Mucaine helps in preventing acidity and heartburn which controls and reduces the amount of acid and helps in prevention of further damage and the ulcers heals naturally as the medication doesn’t let the stomach acid for further damage.


Use With Caution having any Stomach disorders and Allergies.

Drug Interaction:

No other medication should be taken after 4 to 5 hours of taking mucaine, because the medicine may react negatively with other medications depending on their chemical reactivity and medical condition of the individual.

Laboratory Tests:

Regular laboratory tests should take place to check the serum phosphate for the patients who are taking therapy of antacid for the maintenance of hemodialysis. The individual should get them monitored in monthly intervals.

Dialysis Patients:

Patients who are on regular dialysis practice should avoid mucain or consult a health expert before using it, because renal failure may occur due to an increase in plasma concentration of aluminum.

Mucaine during pregnancy:

It is not safe to use mucaine during pregnancy period as self-medication because there are no detailed safety precautions and instructions mentioned in the user guide. Therefore the individual should consult a doctor before taking mucaine in pregnancy period.

Side Effects

  • Instant constipation caused after taking the medication.
  • Diarrhea after consuming the medication.
  • Allergy infections caused by the product.
  •  Some of the individuals may feel dizziness, faintness drowsiness.


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