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Morinaga Bf 3 Growing Up Formula 900Gm

Do you know your growing kids need more nutrients because feeding only mother’s feed is not enough? It is very crucial to find the right baby milk formula. So in addition to this, we bring Morinaga BF-3 growing up the formula. It will help you in providing a complete nutritional dose to your child is growing.

Product details

  • It has more then 12 months expiry Guaranteed
  • It is best for Your Child
  • It has 900 grams
  • We have fresh Stock
  • It is good for your baby health


  • Brand


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Morinaga BF 3 Growing Up Formula Powder Milk 900 GM

World La Farmacia the best online shop is the best online store that has 5000 products and over 200 brands in our catalog at your doorstep. Now here you will find everything you are looking for. Now enjoy the reliability of our online grocery shopping in Pakistan. We are selling infant formula all over Pakistan for many years with the local distributors. Sometimes newborn baby needs more nutrients and feeding only mother’s feed is not enough. So now shop online the Morinaga BF-1 powder milk that will help you in providing a complete nutritional dose to your child. It helps the newborn babies to grow faster and stronger. Always use infant formula after doctor’s recommendation.

  • It ensuring the utmost quality
  • It uses the most up-to-date technology
  • It is creating healthful, delicious experiences


We deliver delicious, reliable products to its customers.

Brand: Morinaga

Now come on our online shopping store in Pakistan for online shopping. We will provide you the best quality baby care and baby milk products. Order us at and call for more information at 0300-2935588. Just one step and find your favorite products with us online in Pakistan.

Morinaga Bf 3 Powdered Milk – 400 Gm

World La Farmacia the best online shopping store in Pakistan has been selling Morinage Powder Milk BF-3 for many years. It is cooperating with a local distributor. It is a growing-up formula, BF-3 for kids over 1-year-old. It is available in 400g tin. Now brings you the best price for Morinaga BF-3 Powder Milk 400g with the best online delivery all over Pakistan.


  • It has more than 12 months expiry Guaranteed
  • The best milk for your child
  • Has 400 Grams
  • Having fresh stock
  • It’s good for health
  • Baby Powder Milk
  • High Quality
  • It has the utmost quality
  • It is made by using the most up-to-date technology
  • It gives you creating healthful, delicious experiences
  • It helps in physical development and Height & Weight
  • It helps in the cognitive development of Mental, Emotional, Intellectual & Thoughts
  • It helps in intestinal development and Tummy

This baby milk is an infant formula that enhanced with Nucleotides, Taurine, Beta-Carotene, and many other essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals in a balanced ratio. However, it is also sufficiently meeting the necessary requirements for newborn babies to help them grow faster and stronger. But you have to consult it after the doctor’s recommendation.

We are delivering the best quality, safe, reliable, and delicious products to customers with the backing of reliable quality control and superior technology. It is necessary for supporting normal growth and development of an infant. – An ideal infant formula. It also contains nutrients and high-quality Powder Milk.

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