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Nestle Lactogen 1 400g

As you know breast milk is best for babies. It must be continued as long as possible. But if due to some reasons a mother is unable to do it than Nestle Lactogen is the best choice for her. So in addition to this, you must need to consult it with a very professional adviser.

  • Weight:400g
  • Storage instructions: Follow instructions on the pack
  • Top 2 Features and Benefits: Probiotic (L. Comfortis)
  • Preparation
  • Products have a minimum of 30 days expiry.
  • No returns will be accepted for items having a minimum expiry of 30 days.

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Storage Instructions:

Follow instructions on the pack

Preparation, Usage, and Service:

Refer to the pack.

Ingredients and Allergen Information:

Refer to the pack.

Nestle Lactogen 1 Powder Milk Box

The baby milk Infant Formula can be used right after your baby’s birth. Lactogen supports your baby in growth and brain development and contains 12 essential minerals 14 vitamins.
Nestle Lactogen is a stage 1 and sprays dried formula. It is designed for infants as a liquid part of their diet. It contains maltodextrin which is easy to digest.
Nestle Lactogen has 33% more protein than before which are similar to the easily digestible proteins found in breast milk.

To make the formula:

  • First, wash all the baby-feeding utensils.
  • Then sterilize them in boiling water.
  • Use another pan to heat up water for 5 minutes or so.
  • Pour the water in the baby-feeder
  • Use the spoon that comes with the package add the baby powder to the hot water.
  • Shaking the baby-feeder till everything is mixed properly.
  • Make sure that the solution has cooled down before feeding your baby.

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