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Nestle Lactogen 1-200g

Do you know nestle Lactogen 1-200g supports the baby in growth and brain development. It contains 12 essential minerals 14 vitamins. This spray-dried formula is designed for infants as a liquid part of their diet. It contains malt dextrin which is easy to digest. However, it has 33% more protein than before which are similar to the easily digestible proteins found in breast milk.

Nestlé Lactogen 1:

The Nestle Company manufactured it that is founded by the pharmacist Henri who is the inventor of the first artificial infant formula “Farine Lactee. It is a malt- and cow milk-based product and was first introduced in the 1860s. Our online store is the world’s best leading nutrition, health and wellness company. Our online shop’s aim is to provide you the good food, and a good life. we are committed to every day, everywhere, to enhance lives, throughout life, with good food and beverages.

Nestlé’s products include baby food, medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods, and snacks.

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However, Nestle Lactogen 1 is formulated for your baby’s. It provides your baby a great comfort and it has also all the required vitamins, minerals and probiotics. This baby milk formula also helps in digestion and relives their stomach pain to make them healthy again. Furthermore, it consists of the ‘L Comfortis’ Probiotic that is nutritious for your baby and helps in their nourishment. Now feel free to get this product, because it will keep your baby healthy and strong. Visit our best online medical store in Pakistan and find all your baby milk products with the best home delivery in Pakistan. Call us at
0300-2935588 and email us for more information at Our best customer service is always here to guide you as soon as possible.


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