Happy Life Special Dotted-2 Packs


Brand:Happy Life


Happy Life Special Dotted

  1. Features:
  2. Has imported quality
  3. Dotted
  4. Has lubricated latex
  5. Has electronically tested
  6. Has hygienically sealed

In pharmacyplus.pk find out the best quality Happy Life Special Dotted condoms that have evolved and surpassed their initial function. Moreover it’s well known that this modern condom can do a lot more than prevent pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection. Now feel free to check out all the types of the condoms.in addition to this you don’t need to stick to that box of box of off the shelf standards. In La Farmacia the best online shop there are many interesting and exciting textured condoms that are waiting to be tried. Before tired any one of them please try to tread their benefits?

Ribbed Condoms

It has a surface texture that consists of small raised ridges that run around the circumference of the condom. Among them some condoms have deep undulating ribs, others have a narrower ribbing effect. These condoms work by increasing the friction for the wearer and therefore helping to intensify the sensation around the penis, but it doesn’t stop there – the added texture of ribbed condoms also provides your partner with extra stimulation and a variety of feeling that you simply don’t get with un-textured alternatives.

The other types is Pasante ribbed. It effect all over the condom  and his choice offers pleasure for both partners and a high level of additional comfort and protection.

Dotted Condoms

It consists of a series of bumpy, circular dots that occur all over the surface of the condom. As ribbed creates an increased friction but with an added intense excitement for both you and your partner thanks to the slightly rougher and varied surface texture.

Why not combine the two with this condom combo featuring Pasante ribbed and dotted condoms? Now get the best of both with this ultimate purchase to maximize your sexual pleasure.


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