Hamdam Gold-3 Pack

  1. Product Name: Hamdam Gold Condoms 36’s
  2. Product Form: Condoms
  3. Pack Size: 36’s
  4. Marketed By: Biogenics Pharma

Shop online the Hamdam Gold-3 Pack in Pakistan With an excellent quality and price. Hamdam Gold is a popular dotted condom in Pakistan. Hamdam Gold-3 Pack in Pakistan is lubricated and perfumed.

Text on pack:

  1. It is used for enhanced pleasure
  2. It is a dotted and perfumed condom
  3. It condoms are electronically tested beyond the requirements of the most stringent international standards.
  4. Hamdam Gold has no side effects
  5. For using Hamdam Gold you need not consult a physician
  6. However, hamdam Gold condoms provide safety against HIV (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), as well as unwanted pregnancy
  7. Please abstain from the use of Hamdam Gold for desired pregnancy

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