Anne French Hair Removing Cream 25GM


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Anne French Hair Removing Cream 25GM

Do you want to get touchable smooth skin that last for a long time with Anne French Hair Removal Cream Rose? This skin care product contains rose extracts which gives you a smooth skin with pleasant fragrance with its new and improved formula, tis cream effectively removes even the shortest hair. In our online store Anne French Hair Removal Cream is designed to work the root of the hair. It makes you look more beautiful and confident.

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Highlights of products:

  • It removes hair conveniently and easily
  • It is highly effective formula for hair removal
  • Try to conduct patch test before use
  • It has rose scent that added freshness

Now feel free to enjoy the best and smoothest results with Anne French Rose Fragrance Hair Removing Cream Tube 25gm. This skin care product is designed to remove hair, leaving behind a rosy scent that will refresh your senses. Conduct a patch test on a small area on your skin before you use the product. Try to remove hair with the spatula and watch it glide flawlessly. After that you may rinse the skin with lukewarm water. In short, the rose scent will leave you smelling fresh and lovely.


  • It promises hair removal in just 3-6 minutes
  • It removes even the most stubborn hair easily
  • It can be used on sensitive areas such as the underarm area, bikini line
  • It leaves the skin soft and healthy


You can apply the best skin care product of Anne French Sensual Sandal Cream Hair Remover by using the spatula. Than leave it on for not more than 6 minutes and remove it using the same spatula. Finally wash off thoroughly with water afterwards.



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