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De-Warts anti warts



  • De-Warts anti warts fast acting effective warts remover for a good looing skin.forever for everbody.
  • Highly effective in Warts, Corns and Calluses
  • Convenient Application
  • Particularly effective on Stubborn Warts
  • Safe treatment can be prescribed confidently in children
  • Maximum user compliance due to hassle-free treatment
  • With Brush applicator and Spill-resistant bottle
  • User-friendly Package Pointed applicator Tip, accurate and convenient remedy
  • Offer up to 89% cure rate
  • No risk of Surgical Scarring, Painless, Fast drying
  • Description

    Warts are particularly common in childhood and are spread by direct contact or an autoinoculation. Warts do not have “roots” & grow in the epidermis. Growing down, they displace the dermis.


    Plantar warts, Common warts, Corns & Calluses.

    How to Use           

    Apply De wart to the affected area once a day or as directed by the doctor. Before applying, soak the affected area in hot water for at least five minutes and dry thoroughly.


    Apply D wart once daily using the brush applicator from the bottle, until the wart has disappeared.


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