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Butterfly Maxi Thick 8 Extra Large Sanitary Napkins


Brand: Butterful


Butterfly Maxi Thick 8 Extra Large Sanitary Napkins

Hey girls are you worried about their frequent bowel leaks? Are you still in search for the perfect sanitary pads that guarantees comfort as well as minimum leakage? Now in addition to this try to guess what we have up for grabs for the ladies worried about their menstrual problems.

Butterfly Maxi Thick has a super absorbent core. These sanitary napkins absorb 30% extra moisture compared to others. However its dry-mesh top sheet breaks down heavy flow while the cottony wings allow for complete mobility. These napkins have 29 and 32 cm length and a wide base provides complete protection and prevents staining, and the breathable microscopic pores ensure full breathability. They are also available in large and Extra-Large sizes.

Butterfly sanitary napkins offer a variety of range according to the different needs preferred by ladies. These sanitary napkins in Pakistan are the first and only personal hygiene products that adheres comfortably. They also give you the freedom to carry on your daily activities with no worries just like normal days. Now what are you waiting for? We’ll give you the best prices and delivering to you at your doorstep straight. Are you suffering from the skin irritation during the periods? Then don’t be panic because If your skin gets irritated during the summers due to the use of sanitary pads then ditch all the other pads and start using this Butterfly Maxi thick extra-large sanitary napkins. These napkins are the most comfortable pads on earth with intricately woven texture. These skincare product in Pakistan contains little pores that enable your skin to breathe during the entire time you are wearing this pad. However apart from being skin friendly, it easily adjusts in all sorts of panties. So, due to their large size, they are highly suitable for women who feel worried about leakage issues. Visit our butterfly a famous famine care brand. The main drive of this brand is to give top quality famine care products. It has a special quality product is Butterfly Pads Thick Large which is a very safe formula. These thick napkin with high absorb gel is individually wrapped that gives 30% more absorbent with an improved quality the brand has also press-on napkins as well.


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