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Butterfly Pads Mother Comforts Stick On Extra Large


Brand: Butterfly


Butterfly Pads Mother Comforts Stick on Extra Large

Word La Farmacia the best online store in Pakistan always tries to make sure that all personal care products, prices, and pack sizes are accurate. These specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All the personal care products’ actual packaging and prices will be as per the latest policy of brand/respective company. These personal care products are specially designed for women to provide them health care with quality. These are the best famine care with more absorbent and comfortable protection. These napkins have the best quality and high absorb gel that is individually wrapped which gives 30% more absorbent with improved quality. This brand has also press-on napkins as well.
Dry Mesh Top  Sheet

  • It is breathable
  • It has cotton wings
  • It has super Absorbent Core
  • It is extra-long & extra wide
  • It has a side leak guard
  • It has extra-large size- 8 pcs

Are you suffering from skin issues as it irritated you’re during the summer due to the use of sanitary pads then don’t worry.  Ditch all the other pads and start using this Butterfly Breathable Maxi Thin Large. The Butterfly pads are the most comfortable pads on earth with an intricately woven texture. These skin care products contain little pores that enable your skin to breathe during the entire time you are wearing this pad. However, apart from being skin-friendly, it easily adjusts in all sorts of panties. Our personal care products due to their large size are highly suitable for women who feel worried about leakage issues. Now prepare to leave no stone unturned even on your heaviest flow days with our Maxi Thick range! Super absorbent, comfortable, and of course, breathable. Butterfly Pads Mother Comforts Stick on Extra Large is the answer to any period-related concerns.


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