Bf 2 Follow Up Formula 900Gm


Check out the BF-2 follow up the formula. It is designed for infants from 6 months onwards and for young children. It supplies essential nutrients that infants and children need.

If the mother is unable to feed her child due to some medical reasons than BF2 is the best option for her child.

It can also be used as a nutritional supplement to complement the weaning diet and cow’s milk. It also helps the baby to prevent the deficiency of nutrients during and even after the weaning period.


  • It helps in building immunity and provides defense against various diseases
  • It is a component of the lactose in milk, it is also described as prebiotics, promotes to increase the number of Bifid bacteria in the human microbiota.
  • It also helps in developing the digestive system and also enhances nutrient absorption.
  • In it the DHA, LA & ALA, enhances brain function, promotes the development of visual and retinal function and also prevents allergic diseases.
  • It is best for 6-12 Months baby
  • It is a Powder milk
  • It has Lactoferrin, Lactulose, DHA, Nucleotides.
  • It ensures the utmost quality.
  • Made by using the most up-to-date technology.
  • Creating healthful, delicious experiences.
  • Nutritional supplement
  • Follow up formula
  • Grow faster and stronger

Morinaga BF-2 is an essential item for your child’s growth. It contains all the basic nutrients which are necessary for normal and healthy growth. We are proud to have Morinaga available on its online store.  Our online store of offers you the best price in Pakistan! Now, what are you waiting for? Shop now the best quality Morinaga BF-2 Follow UP Formula with the best home delivery in Pakistan. Call on our online store at 0300-2935588 and email us at and visit us too Al-Shifa Pharmacy Shared Road Mian Channu


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