Bf 2 Follow Up Formula 400 Gm

  • BF2 helps babies to grow faster and stronger
  • It contains essential nutrients for your baby’s healthy growth, Lactofemin Lactulose, DHA, Nucleotides.

Bf2 baby milk is specially formulated for newborn babies. It is a follow-up formula that is designed for infants from 6 months onwards and for young children.

  • BF-2 Follow-up-Formula
  • From 6 Months
  • 400g


  • It is specially designed for infants who is 6 months onward and for young children
  • BF2 helps the baby to prevent the deficiency of nutrients during and even after the weaning period
  • BF2 helps the child to grow faster and stronger
  • BF2 image is indicative of the actual product.
  • Our online baby store has reserved the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice as complied by our suppliers and manufactures
  • It is formulated to supply essential nutrients in the well-balanced ratio that infants and children need.
  • It can be used as a nutritional supplement to complement the weaning diet and cow’s milk and helps prevent deficiency of nutrients during and even after the weaning period.
  • Fortified Bifidus Factor
  • Lactoferrin Nucleotides
  • DHA
  • GOS
  • Premium Quality

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