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Always Pads Maxi Thick Extra Long 8


Brand: Always


Always Maxi Thick Extra Long 8

A well renowned trademark of Procter & Gamble of always pads in Pakistan deals female hygiene products. The famous products of these trademark include maxi pads female wipes and pant liners Always is also sold under the name Whisper in many countries like Japan, Singapore, India and China. These always Maxi Thick Long Pads provide you a calming feel with its 3 absorbing pillows. Its lengthy flexi sections assist the pad to remain in place for all night and day long. Dry top layer is especially designed for clean and dry protection.

  • These always maxi thick gives you a reassuring feel thanks to its 3 absorbing pillows
  • Their long flexi wings help the pad to stay in place
  • Their dry top layer for clean and dry protection
  • Their all-around channels to prevent leakage
  • These have 75 bigger at the back
  • These sanitary towels improved anti-leakage barriers
  • These sanitary towels provide you the protection and comfort
  • Its anti-leakage barriers all around for protection from leaks
  • It has extra absorbent core
  • It has sanitary towel with flexible wings to help your pad stay in place
  • These has comfortable top sheet
  • It is wider at the back as compared to always maxi normal
  • Scented sanitary pads
  • 3 absorbing piliows
  • 3 Action

These always sanitary pads offer you the great protection and comfort during the periods when you need it most!! These sanitary pads are improved anti-leakage barriers vs. previous product and an extra absorbent core in the center core+ technology. However the unique anti-leakage barriers in the front, center and back help to prevent leaks, the extra absorbent core+ zone in the center is designed to absorb the liquid right where it’s needed the most. These always maxi long pads are wider at the back and compared to always maxi normal. Now for more information about our personal care products please visit our website.


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