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Shop online the Accu Check Go Test Strip 50 in Pakistan from the leading brand of blood sugar equipment. Accu-Chek strips 50 are reliable and accurate that needs one drop of blood. It shows result in just 5 seconds. But be careful and use it according to the instruction given on it.
• Accu Chek Active Diabetic / Sugar Meter Strips
• Easy to use.
• Reliable.
• International brand
• Easy to carry.
• 50 Test Strips
• More than 6 month’s expiry
How long are Accu Chek strips good for?
6 months after you first open the bottle or until the expiration date, whichever comes first. The Accu Chek strips have an 18 month life span and it is estimated that once they arrive at the retailer they have 14 to 16 months left.
What is the normal range for Accu Chek?
In general, the recommended blood sugar levels are between 80 and 130 mg/ld before meals. Less than 180 mg/ld after meals.
Can you reuse your test strips?
You can reuse strips with a lot of work, you can't trust the results.
Do you need a prescription for Accu Chek test strips?
Yeah in this case you will need to have your doctor write you a prescription to get coverage for your test strips. However on the other hand, you can buy them without prescription but you would have to pay out of your pocket
What strips does the Accu Chek Nano use?
The blood glucose meter that's small, bright and fits into your life. Features Accu-Chek Smart View test strips and the Accu-Chek FastClix lancing device.
How do I use Accu Check glucometer?
Insert the glucose test strip.
Prick your finger with the lancet to draw out a blood drop.
Carefully touch the blood drop onto the green field of the test strip.
Read the blood glucose result.


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